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Men’s Hand & Feet Detailing

To put your best foot (or hand) forward, you need help. Relax and let us bring your tired hands and feet back to best.

Our hand and feet details is designed for men to relax. No sitting in plain view of everyone on the street and definitely no pedicure chairs here. Instead my comfortable leather recliners are in a dedicated room with personal TV screens. Keep one hand for the remote – it is a man rule!

Hand Detailing

Your hands take charge of your daily routine, experiencing all the pressures of the constant moving and shaking needed in today’s busy life. Relax into a hand detail to grip life cleanly and confidently. Perfect for preparing groomsmen hands, cleaning up tired working hands or just as a relaxing way to unwind.

Hand £30
30 minutes

Trim and Tidy Nails , Scrub and Clean Hands , Hand Massage

Feet Detailing

Your feet take 30,000 steps a day so don’t neglect them. Give them a service with a clean, scrub and detail, as you would your car.

The Overhaul £60
60 minutes

This service is designed as the ultimate in feet revival. If they are stuck in flat leather shoes or steel caps all day, the overhaul will bring them back to life.
> Foot Spa Soak > Intense Foot Scrub > Callus peel to remove unwanted dead skin > Trim and Tidy Nails > Foot and Lower Leg Massage.