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Tantric Massage

Tantric Massages available in Reading, Woking & Leeds.

tantric massage readingA tantric massage session is a wonderful opportunity to experience first hand the sheer delight and healing power of Tantra. During a session you will be pampered and nurtured within a safe, sacred space. The journey will unfold entirely according to your choices. You will be encouraged to choose only those aspects of the session that are most desirable and comfortable.

Through sacred ritual and a sensual Tantric massage, you will gently settle into a peaceful, expanded state. Your sense of time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, worries and problems fade away.


This Sacred Tantric Healing is an experience of exquisite touch and sensation. Your senses will be nourished and enlivened with mesmerizing music, aromatherapy, warmed natural massage oils and soft candlelight. This sublime healing offers a time of intimate self-indulgence that we so seldom allow ourselves.

Through awareness techniques & touch used during the session, you may experience a release of deep-seated emotions accompanied by physical sensations. You will be gently guided and supported if this arises, and encouraged to use breathwork to move through these emotions smoothly and effectively.

masseuse-massage-therapy-guildford-01Tantra means liberation and freedom, Tan’ and Tra’ mean liberation and freedom. Tantric massage can give great pleassure. Tantric massage has it’s roots in India and has been providing pleassure for over 6000 years.

Tantric massage a full body massage, to include every part of your body. No part of your body is left out and it is a powerful way to discover yourself, our tantric masseuses use all the senses to give you a powerful tantric massage you will never forget.