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Swedish Massage

In Swedish body massage a therapist will use a carrier oil such as grape seed oil to lubricate your skin. The oil is applied onto the skin and then the therapist uses various techniques to warm up the muscle tissue.

The aim of the massage is to warm and stretch the muscle tissue so that toxins are drained away and fresh blood flows into the muscles.

massage-treatments-reading-masseuse-02The main goal of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. The body and muscles are rubbed in the direction of blood flow to aid relaxation. Swedish massage is extremely useful for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood and decreasing muscle toxins. Swedish massage can also improve circulation and the flexibility of the body.

Swedish massage is probably the most well known massage style in the West. If you are a beginner or are new to massage then Swedish massage is a great place to start. A Swedish massage can be slow, gentle or firm, depending on the massage therapists style and the type of massage you need.

During the massage the therapist will aim to gradually break up “knots” or adhered tissues releasing tension from the muscles and resulting in a general feeling of well-being.