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Naturist Massage

Naturist Massages available in Reading, Woking & Leeds.

This treatment is a full body massage from an experienced massuese. The only difference is it is performed with you and the therapist completely nude.

We can work on important areas of your body ie buttocks

Client and Therapist feel more comfortable – being completely naked

naturist-massage-reading-1We offer a full body nude / naturist massage in our relaxed environment.

Our naturist massages are performed totally nude by our massage therapists, both the masseuse and client are fully naked and this helps the massage take place on a more sensual level, making the whole massage experience much more relaxing and sensual.

Naturist massages are not their own type of massage, it is more of a philosophy to ensure the most sensual and erotic massage experience. Our therapists will use a variety of techniques to accomplish their goal of giving you an amazing massage expierience.

naturist massage reading

The naturist massage experience is not just a physical massage experience, it is deeper and more sensual than others, perhaps with the exception of the Nuru or Tantric massages.