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Vichy Spa



Extended version of Man Break with a twist

Relieve the thrill and feel the excitement with our luxurious body treatments,close your eyes and relax and feel every caress.Let your stress melt away and smile at the burning that was and is to come.This treatment will surely seduce even the most discerning hedonist:

*A dip in our hot tub with the therapist 15/20 min (naturist or in her bikini)
*Body Exfoliation
*Mini Facial
*Scalp Massage
*Assisted Shower
*Glass of Champagne

90min £180

For that Thrilling Adventure,book in advance!


Hot Tub relaxes muscles

Massaging action provided by the circulating of warm water and air bubbles through the numerous jets

Floating in warm water stimulates the endorphins,this are the bodys natural pain killers

A little as 15/20 mins in a warm spa can help to relax tense muscles and relieve the anxiety and stress of a hard day.

Heat of the water helps the muscles dilate,resulting in an increase in blood circulation,which then expand your blood vessels and makes your heart less strained

Water helps you live longer,study shows regular dip in a hot tub can slow aging by 20% by maintaining or improving respiration,muscle mass and cardiovascular function

Hot Tub prompts relaxation and the increase in body temparature helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly

The soothing Warm and Buoyancy of warm water makes it safe,ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness.

Soaking in warm water also helps lower blood pressure.This suggests that a spa soak might provide a noticeable heart smart cardiovascular work out without effort,traffic and sweat.

WATER WORKS!! so why not try relaxing in our Hot Tub with you Masseuse..