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Aromatherapy Massage

This aromatherapy massage uses medium pressure techniques similar to a swedish massage, that is combined with long gliding strokes and kneading of the body to release tension, and achy muscles. This massage is excellent for relieving stress. You can choose which essential oils we use in this massage, which make an appearance throughout the treatment, both on your body and in the air, leaving you feel extremely relaxed.

tantric massage reading

We use a specific blend of pure essential oils that are combined together for this indulgent massage. The natural oil we use detoxifies and energizes your body and mind and relaxes you into a state of total bliss. Choose from a variety of blends that penetrate deep into your body, amplifying and increasing the benefits of the massage.

This relaxing full body massage will help you restore your mind and body balance. Leave us feeling at peace with the world! Our aromatherapy massage cleans systems of the body overburdened by the toxins of modern life. Inhale a taste of heaven.