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Massage Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments at Amethyst Massage Agency.

A short description of each massage treatment can be read below. Please click through to the massage treatment pages for more information or alternatively head straight to your location to see what we offer there.

tantric-massage-reading-01Tantric Massage

Tantra means liberation and freedom, Tan’ and Tra’ mean liberation and freedom. Tantric massage can give great pleassure. Tantric massage has it’s roots in India and has been providing pleassure for over 6000 years.

Tantric massage a full body massage, to include every part of your body. No part of your body is left out and it is a powerful way to discover yourself, our tantric masseuses use all the senses to give you a powerful tantric massage you will never forget.

nuru-massage-reading-01Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a ‘wet’ massage originating originally in Japan. It is now an extremely popular style of massage throughout the world. The newest big thing. Nuru is slow and sensual to start with, the masseuse using her skills to caress you body.

Nuru is an erotic body to body massage experience. The masseuse will cover both your bodies with our Nuru gel before proceeding to slide up and down your body using all her erotic positions, tecniques and sensual moves to sensually arouse you.

massage-treatments-reading-masseuse-02Swedish Massage

The main goal of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. The body and muscles are rubbed in the direction of blood flow to aid relaxation. Swedish massage is extremely useful for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood and decreasing muscle toxins. Swedish massage can also improve circulation and the flexibility of the body.

Swedish massage is probably the most well known massage style in the West. If you are a beginner or are new to massage then Swedish massage is a great place to start. A Swedish massage can be slow, gentle or firm, depending on the massage therapists style and the type of massage you need.

deep-muscle-therapy-reading-01Deep Muscle Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that is focused on fixing deeper muscles and connective tissue that might be knotted or in pain. It is extremely beneficial for people that have chronic aches and pains and people that suffer from regular stiff necks and back pain, muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these knots and muscles to relieve pain and try to restore a normal feeling. Deep pressure and massage oil are required to achieve this goal, and our deep tissue massage will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable.